We deliver a highly customized and optimum balance of education and treatment.

Individual and family counselling for young people aged 8-18yrs

Your child deserves to understand what’s happening and how to help themselves. And they deserve a family who understands, too. Learning about yourself and brain science together, improves relationships and reduce tendencies toward substance misuse, self-harm and eating disorders.

Welcoming everyone with compassion and understanding, our therapists create a sense of belonging and wellbeing. Our strategies help solve almost any type of issue – regardless of how unique it may seem.

Removing stigma is critical so that we can all simply learn essential skills to reach our full potential. We help young people (and parents) understand that there’s nothing “wrong” with them.

Your child receives his/her own sessions, of course, but your family receives:

  • Brain science education
  • Everyday skills for changing early brain patterning
  • Time to acquire and practice new skills
  • Conflict resolution training
  • Preventative measures


If you cancel a session, you can rebook by using the online system. If we don’t have availability within the same week, we’ll accommodate your family as soon as possible.

Fees: $200 / hr

Per 1-hour session.

*Step 1 – You must book your free 15 min initial phone consultation with Tasha

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Receipts are given for health plan.

Did you Know?

“EMDR” therapy is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR helps the right and left side of the brain put all the pieces together so the yucky stuff can leave and the good stuff we’ve learned from it can stay.

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