Can I claim my sessions through my insurance provider?

Yes, all our therapists are registered and are covered by most insurance plans.


How much is each session?

The cost for an in-office appointment is $200.

Workshops & seminars will be priced accordingly, information available Current Workshops)


Confirming appointments

All appointments must be confirmed through the on-line system. If you do not confirm your appointment it will not appear in the calendar and your therapist will not be expecting you, resulting in a wasted journey.


How do I pay my bill?

When you receive an invoice by email it will give you the option to pay on-line through the client portal.  Select the invoice(s) you wish to settle and select Paypal or other credit card payments.  The client portal will show you a balance of all ‘open accounts’ which include future bookings, please do not be alarmed you only need to settle invoices due for payment.

All invoices are due on receipt.


Do I get charged for missed appointments?

If you give us 24 hours notice, you will not get charged for the appointment. Tasha Belix Psychology Ltd reserves the right to charge $100 for a missed appointment.

Appointments fill up fast so a missed appointment means another family missed out on the opportunity to get help.


Who will see my personal information?

Cases are discussed between other therapists in the practice when required. Your information remains confidential unless requested by a court or other legal matter.  You are asked to sign a consent form on your first appointment, so you are aware of all your rights.


What if I don’t connect with my therapist?

Sometimes it takes a few sessions to determine whether you have a connection with your therapist. You always have an option to see another therapist in our practice or go elsewhere, we want the best fit to help you and your family.


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