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We deliver a highly customized and optimum balance of education and treatment.

8 week parent and daughter workshops.

Specialized workshops designed to strengthen your daughter's relationship with herself and others.

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Mom/Daughter & Dad/Daughter Workshops

B'tween Girls Friendship Skills Program, Gr. 4-9

Back To School Bootcamps Gr.4-7

B'tween Girls School-based Program, Gr. 4-6


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How the Brain Works

By understanding how the brain works, girls can develop a better understanding of “challenging” teen behaviours. They’ll learn and review strategies that promote healthy development during this time in their life.


Developing Inner Strength

Everyone does better when they feel better. Your daughter will discover the parts of self that make her beautiful and build her self-confidence.

The unique world of girls and their friendships

Girls hurt each other through relationship and it’s through recognizing when something doesn’t feel right, that we are activated to do something differently.


“D.E.A.L. With It” Model for Conflict Resolution *B’tween Girls,TM

In every close relationship there is conflict at times so girls the steps to being assertive so your daughter can learn HOW to STAND UP for herself and HOW to get her NEEDS MET

Coping Strategies

We teach and practice mindfulness tools to calm the “anxiety switch” so participants walk away with a tool kit of easy-to-use skills to self-regulate and reduce their stress

Did you Know?

One in three girls will have depression, anxiety disorder, use self harm or develop and eating disorder before graduating from high school. We’re here to help change that.

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September 30, 2021

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November 28, 2020

Letter: Teen’s experience with Covid

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May 2, 2020

Poem: To The Grad Class of 2020

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