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Perspective. Looks like a paint brush that invites the canvas to reveal what is possible

Feels like that aha moment when you put on your glasses in morning and you can see and hear

Sounds like the unlocking of a door …creek… to new opportunities

Nostalgia.  Looks like a parade of old school photos marching along the mantle

Feels like a bubble in your throat that makes tears want to fall from your eyes and a smile stretch heavenward

It sounds like a mind trying desperately to create the code to slow time, for a time

Perseverance. Looks like the stitch-bent runner who walks across the finish line

It feels like an inner gas station that fuel your spirit when your mind gives up

It sounds like those who are ALWAYS WITH YOU, hand on shoulder, saying, “you can do it” “I believe in you” when you have lost hope

Struggle. Looks like climbing a mountain when you are only getting out of bed

It feels like a storm within but looks like a glassy lake ready for a ski at a quick glance

Sounds like raging self-doubt that screams at you from within.

Friendship. Looks like puppies, wrestling, tussling and chewing on each other’s faces

Feels like coming home, like coming home

Sounds like popcorn and laughter into the morning and listening and leaning into

Self-compassion. Looks like a wiping a tear off a friend’s cheek

Feels like opening your arms to scoop up the little girl within you, to hold her tightly to your chest when she is fearful and sad

It sounds like the wisdom within your heart whispering, “I love you”

Purpose. Looks like deliberate steps across the untouched sand.

Feels like intuition tugging you by the pant leg, into your best future

Sounds like a singing on the wind inviting you forward, into a space where energy is vast and sustainable

Celebration. Looks like a kaleidoscope of colours that explode against the dark, muggy summer sky

It feels like the exclamation mark of being human!

It sounds like the rhythm of voices and laughter and unity and community. “Yesss!”

Hope.  Looks like the world YOU imagine yourself walking into when quarantine is lifted.

Feels like the ember that burns inside you, that cannot be extinguished

It sounds like the orchestra of nature, a call of songbirds when winter breaks, voices united in hymn and cheering for the home team

It smells like warm chocolate chip cookies

It tastes like snowflakes on the tongue


My wish for each you, the graduates of 2020…

May you find your path to living your life on purpose.

May you speak up for what matters to you and for those that do not have a voice.

May you create ripples that make waves of needed change in this world.

May you feel a sense of belonging.

May you feel love and offer it freely.

May you be comfortable in the skin suit you are living in, for this life.

May you be healthy.

May you be happy.

May you be safe.

May you take leaps, not tentative steps.

May you soar.


I know how hard you’ve worked to get here.  I love you guys and I am so proud of you!!


XX Tasha