Speaker Topics

Tasha Belix can be contracted to conduct privately funded tween-focused workshops, parent-tween together workshops and parent education seminars. Workshops focusing on youth-based topics can be customized to meet the needs of a convention or special engagement upon request or clients may contract Tasha to conduct one of her popular existing topics. Rates for workshops will be based on the amount of time required.



Tasha has been conducting successful B’Tween Girls workshops for girls aged 9 and 12 and  their mothers since 2014.  These 5 session workshops can be condensed into a 3.5 hour action-packed workshop for girls and their mother or fathers.


The B’Tween Girls workshop is aimed at enhancing the relationships between tweens and their parents. Workshops review a variety of topics and exercises that contribute towards keeping lines of communication between mom or dad open.   Please note, this workshop is psycho educational in nature and not intended to address family therapy issues.

Age Target: Tweens, 9 -12 years old and their mom or dad
Class size: Up to 10 Parent and Daughter couples
Fee: $500 flat rate for 3.5 hours
$1,500 for 5 week series for up to 10 couples (1.5 hours X 5 weeks)



Tasha can be contracted to speak at your event or conduct a seminar for your organization.  Fees are approximately $250 per 60 minutes of interactive discussion. Most of the seminar topics below are offered to the general public by Tasha at some point in the year: Please check the Workshops page for a schedule of public engagement dates.


Moms and Dads are equally encouraged to attend this practical, interactive seminars.
Learn about the fascinating changes that happen in the teen brain, its power and purpose.   Walk away with research-based strategies to encourage your tween/teen to navigate the adolescent years with success.  This seminar promotes kind and firm parenting practices, is intended to build on your strengths as a parent and will allow you to walk away with new tools to better respond your teen’s challenging behaviours.


Research has shown that children of parents who take on the role of the “emotional coach” function much better in a number of areas, including academic performance, social skills as well as physical and mental health.  Parents, you have a tremendous opportunity to influence any child’s emotional development.  In this workshop you will learn about the main emotions and how best to support your tween/teen through these strong emotions.  Based on concepts from – Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children, John Gottman.


Based on Daniel Siegel’s book Whole Brain Child, learn the basics of how a child’s brain is wired and how it matures.  The “upstairs brain” which makes decisions and balances emotions is under construction until the mid-twenties!  You will walk away with a new understanding of your child’s outbursts, arguments or fear, and strategies to integrate your child’s brain to foster vital growth (some ideas to keep your cool in the moment too).


This workshop will focus on the ways in which girls in schools form cliques and on patterns of aggressive tween/teen girl behavior and how to deal with them.  Learn about the different roles that exist in the girl’s social world and have your tool kit ready when your daughter shares friendship struggles with you or wants your advice on how to stand up to The Queen Bee.  Based on the book, Queen Bees and Wannabes, Rosalind Wiseman.


Based on the teaching of the psychologist Adler, this interactive workshop will teach you the art of using encouragement to support your child’s healthy growth and positive behavior choices.  Learn the difference between encouragements and praise so that you can build the inner esteem of your children.  Kids do better when they feel better: this workshop allows each parents to see his/her role as a teacher to their child versus disciplinarian and the importance of pointing out the good things not just the mistakes.


This is an enlightening workshop on how to speak the language of love to your teen, so the message is welcomed and received.  The 5 Love languages of Teenagers workshop is based on the book by Gary Chapman.  This workshop will give parents the tools to analyze a teen’s love language and the steps to express affections in an effective way. The search for love in a teenager’s life can lead to disastrous results. But if you can speak the right language, the difference can seem miraculous.


This is a workshop for every parent.  Learn the basics of how stress impacts the body, our emotions and thinking patterns.  A very practical workshop, with lots of time for discussion around daily strategies to keep our own stress in a healthy balance and ideas to promote greater relaxation for our children.  Stress is a part of life, so develop healthy coping strategies to manage this energy, to promote optimal performance and learning through school and  beyond.  This workshop can be geared towards a parent-tween audience, professional group or interested parents.