Meet Our Team

We’re a passionate team, focused on supporting girls to thrive in relationships and life.

Tasha Belix


I’m an Adlerian trained therapist with extensive specialized training, along with over 20 years of experience. I’ve always looked to help youth and girls in particular – I have three daughters of my own, recognize my own family dynamic and understand the unique needs of each situation. I’ve also had extensive experience with experience with addiction, trauma, group therapy, curriculum development, and empowering girls.

Happily, I’m well known for my ability to gain acceptance and trust with girls while helping them work through issues that are usually attributed to adolescent growing pains.

B'tween Girls, School-based Program, Grades 4-6


Co-creator of B'tween Girls/Facilitator

I’m a mother of two adult children, and an educator. I worked in the public school system, as well as in Christian Education, where she designed and delivered programs for children ages 4-18. Continuing to connect with young women in my volunteer role with pregnant and parenting teens, I have a passion for engaging with young girls and women and hearing their stories.


Co-creator of B'tween Girls/Facilitator

I’m a US citizen but spent my formative years in Bolivia, the US and Colombia. I hold a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University and spent several years teaching ESL (English as a Second language) and developing enrichment activities for middle school students in Los Angeles. I’ve also pursued post-graduate coursework on Children’s Mental Health at Mount Royal University. My particular interest is helping young girls to discover and appreciate their talents and to learn how to have healthy relationships – I’m the first to admit that my own ‘tween’ has been a humbling teacher.


Co-creator of B'tween Girls/Facilitator

I’m an Adapted Physical Education grad (BPE) and very much enjoyed a career in Early Intervention, supporting families with children with developmental delays and/or disabilities. While raising my own three kids, I became increasingly aware of, and concerned by, the social struggles girls face. It has become my mission to educate and inspire young girls.

Tasha brings a warmth, energy and skill to her practice that invites “tween” girls to want to tell her everything and engage with her. This is essential in working with this age group…. you have to feel connected and seen and understood by your therapist to do the work… and Tasha then makes the work feel easy. Tasha has invested in her training in affective neuroscience to ensure she is truly changing the brains of the young girls and parents she is working with… this is true change at the core, not simply behaviour management.” Lois Sapsford, MSW Juno Counselling & Consulting/ Juno House Director… specialists in adolescent girls and young women’s mental health.

Lois SapsfordDirector - Juno House