About Tasha

tasha_about_page_imgTasha Belix believes that every child wants desperately to find his/her place in a group or family. When empowered to contribute in a positive way, even the most discouraged young person can give back, grow confidence in his/her ability and become active members within a group, classroom and family.

As a Registered Psychologist practicing in Calgary, Alberta, she has a passion for working with children, adolescents and families. As a mother of three girls and a Brownie leader, she is particularly interested in creating opportunities for girls where they can gain a deeper understanding of their inner strengths and develop into leaders.

Her passion for children dates back to her choice of profession: twenty years ago she worked towards earning a Degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia while also working full time as a Youth Worker for PLEA Community Services, mentoring young people in the foster care system.

She took her education a degree higher: She completed a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology through The University of Chicago between 2001 and 2004 while also starting her family.

Upon moving to Calgary in 2006, Tasha worked full-time as a counsellor for AADAC (Alberta Alcohol & Drug Abuse Centre) in adolescent drug and alcohol treatment, gaining a deeper understanding of addiction and how it affects the entire family. She reduced to part-time in order to care for her growing family: She worked as a Play Therapist at Discovery House Family Violence Prevention and later The Alex Youth Health Center to focus on supporting young people with Depression, Anxiety and Trauma issues.

In 2010 she started a small private practice while also working towards the highest level of certification available in Alberta: in 2014 she became a Registered Psychologist with the Alberta College of Psychologist.


All of Tasha’s educational, work and personal experiences have fuelled her passion to support girls. Tasha believes that by strengthening their relationships with themselves and the important people in their world, girls have a better opportunity to reach their full potential.

Tasha’s clients have told her that empathy and humor give her a unique ability to make an impact on the girls she counsels and educates through workshops. She is an undeniable, valuable resource to Calgary offering parents an unprecedented opportunity to help daughters grow and develop into the successful women they are meant to be.